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POWER Test Twin 400 hp MerCruiser 383 Scorpion Strokers Max hp 800 hp Cylinders V-8 Displacement 6.3L Weight 993 lbs.
At a time when dubstep has mostly become music for shadow-lurking beard strokers longing for trip-hop's golden days, and grime has diminished into near total irrelevance, 19-year-old British DJ/producer Joker wisely dodges both.
There was also success for Britain's female back strokers as both Gemma Spofforth and Lizzie Simmonds reached the semi-finals of the 100 metres.
If Video Quartet, an ecstatic amalgamation of lovingly edited film clips praised by critics and adored by audiences, was intended for a room full of joyous dancers, Shake, Rattle and Roll is best enjoyed by a crowd of chin strokers and head nodders.
Dundee United have investigated claims one of their top players moonlighted as a five-a-side star for a team called The Groin Strokers.
In other matches, Nadec Strokers captained by Lope Ramirez blanked Proshop of Ric Urrutia 4-0 (21-2), FBGR Selection mentored by Mike Ecalnir beat Alinma Bank of Abdulrahman Ahmed 18-8 and current No.
In the past, this small island of ours has had more than its fair share of crooks, gombeen men, strokers, chancers...
Far too arty for its own good, this is one for chin strokers rather than film fans.