strong arm tactics

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Strong arm tactics have been used against many whose properties lie in its path, and work currently in progress could be subject to litigation, when the axe falls.
There are far too many cases where different government agencies are resorting to strong arm tactics and shutting, cordoning off vital telecoms equipment and they are impacting our members' operations with the resultant effect of poor QoS and loss of revenue.
Following media reports, the Congress party has has accused the government of "destroying" institutions with its alleged strong arm tactics, the differences between the Modi government and the RBI came out in public domain after a deputy governor raised concerns about the central bank's autonomy and warned that the governments that did not respect the central bank's independence would sooner or later incur the wrath of financial markets.
When asked if Washington would pressurise Islamabad into attaining its set goals in Afghanistan, the foreign minister categorically denied it it would succumb to US strong arm tactics in any way.
'Strong arm tactics by PPP reflects their fear of PTI's rising popularity in Sindh,' he added.
Strong arm tactics by PPP reflect their fear of PTI's rising popularity in Sindh'', he said this while tweeting here on Tuesday.
Secretary Kerry urging the State Department to speak out strongly against Russian strong arm tactics aimed at its neighbors seeking
The Coventry City boss feels the French defender wasn't comfortable with the and wants him to get mad and motivated to deal with North End's strong arm tactics at Deepdale.
Merthyr had to withstand strong arm tactics from early on with Fleet player manager Craig Davis, formerly of Cardiff City, the first to go into the referee's notebook for a late challenge on Ian Traylor on 19 minutes.
Mike Jackson, Erdington THERE does seem to be something wrong when a silly attempt at humour by Coun Gareth Compton is met with such ridiculous strong arm tactics whilst the inflammatory action of extremist Muslims, burning a poppy a symbol of sacrifice for a century, warrants hardly a mention.
United welcome the West Yorkshire side to the Skem and Ormskirk College Stadium knowing they face a physical side and boss Lawson has asked his troops to not get flustered by any strong arm tactics.