strong connection

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We will continue to have a strong connection because the base is still there.
I got to really have a strong connection with the whales, even though I'm not very comfortable being in an environment where the animals are kept in captivity," she said.
Conversations with the royal pair made it clear to McLean that they both felt a strong connection with Canada.
Mr McGrath added: "The development will help maintain a strong community spirit by enabling people with a strong connection to the area to remain there as their housing needs and circumstances change.
The strong connection with H pylori means that a vaccine, which prevents infection with the bacterium, will also reduce the risk of gastric cancer.
Teams will consist of athletes who have a strong connection with the city they represent, plus two overseas "players", competing for a share of the pounds 75,000 prize.
A P&O spokeswoman said the firm had a strong connection with the city through its ferry port and was trying to help.
In making an environmental commitment, many of the groups point to a strong connection between green issues and combating poverty.
Site coordinators with youth development experience and a strong connection to the community, children and families they served;
She suspects there is a strong connection with the former Smith and Calverley Ltd woollen manufacturers of Plover Mills, Lindley.
To foster a strong connection between the school and the community, major assembly spaces such as the gymnasium, cafeteria and 300-seat auditorium will be designed to be available for community use.
355), isn't it probable that there is a strong connection between telomere length and becoming the parent of a chronically ill child?