strong contrast

See: antithesis
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The schools composing none but young and vigorous males, previously mentioned, offer a strong contrast to the harem schools.
This he spoke with a tone of conscious importance, which formed a strong contrast to the modest terms which he thought it proper to employ.
Her eye had not time to detect, in detail, the little errors which in truth existed, but was glancing around her in de light, when an object arrested her view that was in strong contrast to the smiling faces and neatly attired person ages who had thus assembled to do honor to the heiress of Templeton.
His spare but healthy person, and high-featured firm face, that looked as if it had never been flushed by excess, was in strong contrast, not only with the Squire's, but with the appearance of the Raveloe farmers generally--in accordance with a favourite saying of his own, that "breed was stronger than pasture".
Hence, there are only a few spots where the bright red soil affords a strong contrast with the universal clothing of green.
Her hair was a rich deep brown, but shading that face, and straying upon a neck that rivalled it in whiteness, it seemed by the strong contrast raven black.
Involuntarily he began to think of the cloudless sky on that lovely spring morning, and remembered how bright the valley had looked when he passed through it for the first time; and now, in strong contrast with that day, the heavy sky above him was a leaden gray, there was no greenness about the hills, which were still waiting for the cloak of winter snow that invests them with a certain beauty of its own.
The tall, worn, dark-haired woman was a strong contrast to the Dodson sisters as she entered in her shabby dress, with her shawl and bonnet looking as if they had been hastily huddled on, and with that entire absence of self-consciousness which belongs to keenly felt trouble.
This is the picture you see spread far below you, with distance to soften it, the sun to glorify it, strong contrasts to heighten the effects, and over it and about it a drowsing air of repose to spiritualize it and make it seem rather a beautiful estray from the mysterious worlds we visit in dreams than a substantial tenant of our coarse, dull globe.
The light colour means you can pair it with a huge range of tops, including white, if you want to play it safe, or a mustard yellow, for a strong contrast.
Standard simplified models often discard waves, Radiation, Or both, With dramatic consequences for the energy budget of natural flows: Geostrophic models neglect waves, And rayleigh-bnard thermal convection considers heat diffusively injected through a solid boundary, In strong contrast with radiative heating.
But the president has shown himself willing to betray America's Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish allies, who did much of the fighting against ISIS, in strong contrast to Putin, who stood firmly by his ally, Assad.