strong feeling

See: passion
References in classic literature ?
She must have a sensation of being honoured, and whether thinking of herself or her brother, she must have a strong feeling of gratitude.
I observed that you appeared to be startled by what my sister-in-law had said; and when you declared that appearances must certainly have misled her, you looked and spoke (to my mind) like a man animated by a strong feeling of indignation.
Even then I had a strong feeling that what our people most needed was to get a foundation in education, industry, and property, and for this I felt that they could better afford to strive than for political preferment.
The strong feeling may return over and over again; but it must have its constant intervals of change or repose.
As the days passed, strong feeling had taken the place of those contemptible aspirations: Mirabel had unconsciously inspired the one passion which was powerful enough to master Francine--sensual passion.
He considered his disposition as of the sort which must suffer heavily, uniting very strong feelings with quiet, serious, and retiring manners, and a decided taste for reading, and sedentary pursuits.
John Dashwood had not the strong feelings of the rest of the family; but he was affected by a recommendation of such a nature at such a time, and he promised to do every thing in his power to make them comfortable.
I bet this year will be the first time they qualify for the next stage, I have a strong feeling they will do that," said the ex-Barcelona coach.
I have a really strong feeling that we'll get to have one more game at Ninian Park and give the place a really good send-off that it deserves.
The Mazda6 has a strong legacy of being one of the world's most popular sedans, offering a strong feeling of oneness between the driver and the vehicle.
Father's call to the priesthood was a mystical experience and included strong feeling.
He said: "There's a very strong feeling of support within the hospital for Gerry and Kate.