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However, strong passwords can create practices that decrease security effectiveness.
Users only have to remember one password, so they're more likely to create strong passwords instead of weak ones.
of personal data and eight devices failed to enforce strong passwords, allowing
A strong password appears to be gibberish to everyone except its owner.
Several notable sites also have strong password requirements, including Target, ToysRUs, Best Buy, and Bed Bath and Beyond.
Once you have a strong password you need to protect how you use it.
For now, there's a time-tested memory trick that you can use to create highly personalized strong passwords.
I keep one word processing document that lists all my usernames and passwords and protect this with a very strong password.
lt;p>Noting that the standard requires a "cryptographically strong password," he said any storage device that was lost or stolen would become "a brick.
A number of secure console server firsts were added to the Dominion SX, including Strong Password Access -- allowing administrators to define the length of passwords, and the use of special characters, numbers and case sensitivity -- and Password Lockout, which locks out a potential intruder after a pre-defined number of failed login attempts.
Defender F100 and F150 Flash Drives - These secure, portable storage devices are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated, offer strong password authentication, and have a waterproof and dustproof enclosure.
Make sure you use a strong password - at least 10 (but more is better) characters and a mixture of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols - that you are not using for any other accounts or sites.