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As if this is not challenge enough, computing power has increased so much that a simple graphics card can crack a strong password.
More worrying is the fact that although consumers agreed that online financial transactions require a strong password, over a quarter globally think there is no need to have additional protection for their personal credentials when using these services.
Having highlighted several things not to do, here area couple of tips to help you create strong passwords that will be memorable.
Your strong passwords should mix numbers, alpha, and other characters in uppercase and lowercase.
1) A strong password must have a minimum length of eight characters.
Use a different, strong password for each online account.
The partnership complements Ceryx's existing security offerings, which include two-factor authentication (RSA Secure ID), advanced policy-based BlackBerry security, strong password management tools and the ability to restrict access to known and trusted networks on a hosted platform.
For instance, a strong password is invaluable, but difficult to remember and, as soon as the user writes it down, it loses some of its protective value.
An organization can elect to change the strong password requirement or allow users to write down their passwords with the understanding that the issue of security is not with the password anymore; it is with the paper on which the password is written.
Remember that a strong password should have at least seven characters including at least one number, one letter, and one symbol.
The wrens need an especially strong password system to tell friend from foe, he says.
A truly impenetrable password is not possible, but a strong password requires a lot of time and powerful computer systems to crack.