strong point

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Fourth, its strong point is not international relations analysis, since it makes the astonishing claim that "international law and institutions render reasons for war in our day almost nonexistent.
Strong point is the use of top labels such as Versace.
In awarding Appian the highest score in the workflow category, Forrester comments that "Appian features skills-based and ad hoc work routing, making its overall workflow support a strong point.
The site's trail search is its strong point, although extras such as links, calendar, site maps and news are adequate.
Apart from the beautiful rendering effects, the variety of the gameplay is its strong point.
We have an opportunity to capitalize on a strong point of differentiation in the marketplace.
The company supported the beverage introduction with strong point of sale materials and employee suggestive selling.
Commenting on the partnership, Bill Silver, NuTech's CEO and a recognized expert in messaging technology solutions for the financial services industry said, "Our current roster of partners offers strong point archive solutions for a specific messaging system, but many of our customers require full e-mail support for their mixed environments that may include a combination of Bloomberg Mail, Microsoft Exchange, and Lotus Notes.
One of the things that is a strong point for us is that we did pass the bond measure and that's one of the criteria for the grant,'' Cohen said, referring to local Measure L, in which Burbank would match state funds for the proposed $38 million library projects.
As a security-conscious company, Tripwire's endorsement of our ability to protect an enterprise from spam and viruses, without jeopardizing the transmission of legitimate traffic, is a strong point of validation for the quality of the service we're providing.
According to 5G Wireless CTO Brian Corty, "Security has always been a strong point for our G-Force products.
Although it has a small sushi bar, obviously nigiri-style sushi isn't its strong point.