strong point

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Rose really could not help this small display of superiority, for French was one of her strong points, and she was vain of it, though she usually managed to hide this weakness.
I should think it was a strong point," said Herbert, "and I should think you would be puzzled to imagine a stronger; as to the rest, you must bide your guardian's time, and he must bide his client's time.
Between the room and the men there were strong points of general resemblance.
A veteran politician, such as he, would never fall asleep with wide-open eyes, lest some enemy or mischief-maker, taking him thus at unawares, should peep through these windows into his consciousness, and make strange discoveries among the remniniscences, projects, hopes, apprehensions, weaknesses, and strong points, which he has heretofore shared with nobody.
And if it doesnt have a strong point of view then it shouldnt be on this channel.
Despite many strong points, Marathon Medicine does occasionally suffer from the fact that some presenters simply did not measure up to others on the program.
Second, its strong point is not political philosophy, since it discounts "the common good" as the moral determinant of political decision-making.
Prospects for job growth, which has been a strong point for small business in the past, remain mixed.
The brevity of the videotape and of the program in general is a strong point for some audiences and applications, such as new employee and volunteer orientation, and guest relations reinforcement.
A major strong point about the book is a 38-page appendix, designed in an outline format.
Erik Singer reads well, and his accents are his strong point.