strong probability

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The only reflection that seemed at all satisfactory, was, that on the morrow I should be some miles away, with a strong probability of never returning.
Although she forebore to say as much in terms, she so managed as to present before the eyes of her listener the strong probability of his having mistaken the frightened drove for savage beasts, and then terminated her account by a lamentation for their loss, and some very natural remarks on the helpless condition in which it had left the family.
As it was done yesterday the strong probability was that we should find the words in yesterday's issue.
It was of a much less poignant nature than what the others excited; but Sir Thomas was considering his happiness as very deeply involved in the offence of his sister and friend; cut off by it, as he must be, from the woman whom he had been pursuing with undoubted attachment and strong probability of success; and who, in everything but this despicable brother, would have been so eligible a connexion.
Now, it struck me, when we began to visit individuals in their cells, and to traverse the passages in which those cells were, and to have the manner of the going to chapel and so forth, explained to us, that there was a strong probability of the prisoners knowing a good deal about each other, and of their carrying on a pretty complete system of intercourse.
Leaving the Shaker village with a hearty dislike of the old Shakers, and a hearty pity for the young ones: tempered by the strong probability of their running away as they grow older and wiser, which they not uncommonly do: we returned to Lebanon, and so to Hudson, by the way we had come upon the previous day.
Implied rates are showing strong probability, about 85%, for another 25 bp move in June, and are pricing in another tightening by the end of the year.
With Outlook Stable, the rating reflects Fitch's view of the strong probability of support for CSR from its parent, the Belgian state-owned credit insurer Credendo Export Credit Agency (CECA, formerly: Delcredere Ducroire, ONDD).
They unquestionably evince the strong probability that accused Reyes might go into hiding again while his case is on appeal and thereby frustrate the ends of justice.
Adjourning the case following the jury's verdicts, Recorder Raggatt told McGrory: "There is a very strong probability you will receive a custodial sentence of some substance.
She said: "We don't know for certain, but there is a strong probability that Daniel took too many Tramadol and accidentally overdosed.
He added: "He has a very strong probability of making it through his presidency with no medical issue.