strong probability

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The only reflection that seemed at all satisfactory, was, that on the morrow I should be some miles away, with a strong probability of never returning.
Although she forebore to say as much in terms, she so managed as to present before the eyes of her listener the strong probability of his having mistaken the frightened drove for savage beasts, and then terminated her account by a lamentation for their loss, and some very natural remarks on the helpless condition in which it had left the family.
Now, it struck me, when we began to visit individuals in their cells, and to traverse the passages in which those cells were, and to have the manner of the going to chapel and so forth, explained to us, that there was a strong probability of the prisoners knowing a good deal about each other, and of their carrying on a pretty complete system of intercourse.
Leaving the Shaker village with a hearty dislike of the old Shakers, and a hearty pity for the young ones: tempered by the strong probability of their running away as they grow older and wiser, which they not uncommonly do: we returned to Lebanon, and so to Hudson, by the way we had come upon the previous day.
It is not just that aggregate, but an assurance at the crease, which means Broad is able to breathe easy watching Root - because he knows there is a strong probability he will not have to bowl again any time soon.
The tests carried out on the parchment of the Birmingham folios yield the strong probability that the animal from which it was taken was alive during the lifetime of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) or shortly afterwards," said David Thomas, professor of Christianity and Islam.
Once they hatch and the chicks survive their first couple of weeks, there's a strong probability that they will fledge.
This does not imply that the old-fashioned dish is likely to be banished from the table this Christmas; but it does mean that there is a strong probability of reduction in the size of the pudding.
While Hamas' decision of not taking part in peace talks may already result in more damage in Palestine, Israel's military indicated worse prospects as there could be a strong probability of ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.
More research is needed, he said, but there is a strong probability that diet and exercise programs for weight control or disease prevention will one day be tailored to an individual's genetic makeup.
In other words there is a strong probability that this is due to this is attributable to climate change of anthropogenic origin.
Several reports suggest a strong probability of a further 'boom' within the job market sector, with the potential of creating well over 200,000 jobs, as a direct result of Dubai being chosen as the host city for the Expo.