strong request

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At the strong request of African countries, China will host the summit of FOCAC in Beijing within this year.
I address you with a strong request to extradite the bandits.
Moreover, the networks forged from frequent inter-action with key players in the regional and global financial system put in a strong request to take on a different assignment, where governance issues were becoming a major concern.
29 -- The government of Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan adopts an eight-point policy to deal with the abduction issue, including a strong request for the reinvestigation on abductees and a study on additional sanctions, following an artillery attack by the North on a South Korean island.
5 billion, thanks to the consent of the Directorate General of Budget, Account, and Statistics (DGBAS), in response to the strong request of the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), which is reviewing the central government's 2012 budget.
Susan Trimarchi, the company director of online sales and marketing, said, 'With such a strong request from our customers, we thought it was time we catered to those who are accessing our booking site via touch screen mobile phones.
On the strong request of the ALDE group, the resolution includes a paragraph "reminding the Council and the high representative of the full array of appropriate measures at their disposal, when faced with systematic human rights abuses and failures to uphold the rule of law, such as sanctions".
He said that current strong request by the standing committee and personal inspection and observations of Argentinean Embassy regarding the difficulties faced by patients forced a re-consideration on behalf of Argentina Embassy.
C[pounds sterling]Our pre-launch marketing campaign has resulted in a strong request for almost 30 per cent of the park,C[yen] said Gustaf Akermark, senior advisor for petrochemicals at Abu Dhabi Basic Industries Corporation (Adbic).
During an interview, he confirmed that he was running, saying he was responding to "a very strong request from our leaders in Alberta that I get involved at home.
In addition, SDK will use part of the new facility for commercial production to meet strong request from customers.
I've made a strong request that they turn up today with a lot of energy and no whingeing.