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Spanish airport workers noticed nothing wrong as they loaded the six red strongboxes - each of them containing pounds 200,000 worth of pesetas - into Hold No.
They drove out of the airport in a van with eight strongboxes of cash.
They drove out of the airport in a second British Airways van with eight strongboxes of cash which had just been taken off a jet from Bahrain.
The Ministers want to know how two ice-cool thieves managed to snatch eight red strongboxes packed with used dollar notes from under the noses of armed police and dozens of security staff.
On the whole, 22 strongboxes with protocols of precinct election commissions were delivered to CEC from Jalal-Abad oblast unlocked and with numerous corrections.
The robbery in March took place after strongboxes full of US dollars were unloaded from a South African jet into a security van.
Verification of protocols, which arrived in strongboxes, carried by by CEC members in presence of representatives of political parties revealed many violations, Akyikat party leader Alikbek Jekshenkulov said.
1million cash just arrived in strongboxes from South Africa.
The Central Election Commission today will unlock strongboxes with voting protocols from polling stations.