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So women are mentally stronger and emotionally attached to babies better than men.
Growth brings strength and strength brings growth - we want our customers to benefit from the movement and Grow Stronger with us.
Will Straw, executive director of Britain Stronger In Europe, said: "I am delighted to welcome Dafydd Wigley to the Britain Stronger In Europe board.
DETERMINED: Grant Leadbitter believes Boro will be stronger next time Picture by IAN COOPER
Sales of stronger cheese have increased by 13% at Tesco and the store has added five more varieties to boost the UK cheddar market.
With a stronger mayor as the leader of the council-manager government, the argument went, accountability would improve.
While I can understand the concrete industry wanting to expand its share of the office tower market--a market in which steel has traditionally and continuously been the material of choice--I find their assertion, which they proclaim as a public service that the NIST World Trade Center findings found reinforced concrete stronger and the concrete industry's claim that insurance companies offer 25 percent less on the cost of property insurance using reinforced concrete over steel frames, a gross distortion of the facts," commented Gary Higbee, director of industry development for the Steel Institute of New York.
We have a tremendous organization and an extraordinary opportunity to build an even stronger team by embracing this new generation of disabled veterans.
Although listeners couldn't hear the super-low notes, they seemed to have stronger emotions during the performance than did people who heard music without infrasound.
Other nonferrous metals also continue to enjoy stronger pricing, though again there is some caution creeping into statements by metals traders.
Over my three games in charge, I've seen a stronger attitude among our players.
Because the moon is closest to Earth, its pulling force is stronger than the sun's.