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Inaugurating a three-day workshop hosted by the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (Cartac) in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, central bank governor, Jwala Rambarran, has said that the banking system needs to be governed by stronger regulation and supervision.
Its got to make you want to work harder to be a better player, a stronger player, as an individual and as part of a stronger team.
The steel, now trademarked as Flash Bainite, has tested stronger and more shock-absorbing than the most common titanium alloys used by industry.
In a news release, APHA noted that overwhelming evidence shows that the official limit on ozone, called the national ambient air quality standard, must be much stronger to protect the public from serious harm.
Cheese experts attribute the surge to the popularity of curry and other spicy foods which have hardened the palate, causing a preference for stronger tastes.
A CEM-equipped train would include stronger end frames, which act as bumpers, to better distribute crash energy.
If they are struck down on constitutional grounds, the severability clause would mean the other elements -- the curriculum committees, local control and stronger superintendent -- could remain.
The primary emphasis has been and continues to be that a cast-in-place reinforced concrete-framed office building provides a safer, stronger structure, Gerosa says.
Stronger boards mean you'll need a carbide blade to cut them.
We have a tremendous organization and an extraordinary opportunity to build an even stronger team by embracing this new generation of disabled veterans.
Although listeners couldn't hear the super-low notes, they seemed to have stronger emotions during the performance than did people who heard music without infrasound.
According to various industry sources, continued purchases from China are propelling stronger copper markets.