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The above table indicates that 5.3% of the experts were strongly disagreed with this opinion that ODL can develop the community, 11.3% were disagreed, 24.7% did not show any response, and 34.7% experts were agreed that status of teaching profession who are involved in ODL can develop the community whereas 24% experts were strongly agreed with that statement.
In the question of integration of Pharmacology with other clinical subjects, 37.9% clinicians agreed and 52.2% strongly ;reed, 33.3% junior doctors agreed and 50% strongly agreed id 36.7% pharmacologists agreed and 63.3% strongly reed.
When Gallup surveyed hospital patients who had received a medical implant, only 37% of respondents strongly agreed with all three aspects of patient education, while 17% strongly agreed with none of them.
Strongly agree 6% Strongly disagree 21% Somewhat agree 24% Somewhat disagree 25% Neither agree nor disagree 24% The overseas aid budget helps to fight terrorism.
Much more dangerous than the paltry army of Isis terrorists is the West's fear of affirming Christian principles strongly.
Of the 86%, 52% agreed and a further 34% strongly agreed.
Men are much more likely than women to strongly disagree with the statement: 32% compared to 17.5% of women.
" I strongly condemn the use of religion to incite hatred and violence.
Yesterday'shi ghlights vvSentaril went off 3-1 favourite for the Sceptre Stakes at Doncaster but she set a scorching gallop on the stands' side rails and, after travelling strongly and trading at 2.08 in running, she was a spent force close home and faded to fifth.
Beineke and Hegde [4] call a graph with p vertices strongly multiplicative if the vertices of G can be labeled with distinct integers 1, 2, ..., p such that the labels induced on the edges by the product of the end vertices are distinct.
Levine (1960) introduced strongly continuous functions in the widely read Classroom Notes section of the American Mathematical Monthly.
Cornelius offers Rheolate 299, a highly efficient and strongly shearing thinning associative thickener.