strongly attached

See: close, intimate
References in classic literature ?
"Yet I am afraid the dreadful truth is, Herbert, that he is attached to me, strongly attached to me.
To say the truth, Sophia, when very young, discerned that Tom, though an idle, thoughtless, rattling rascal, was nobody's enemy but his own; and that Master Blifil, though a prudent, discreet, sober young gentleman, was at the same time strongly attached to the interest only of one single person; and who that single person was the reader will be able to divine without any assistance of ours.
Still further, De Wardes, whom he had treated so ill, was one of the tools of his Eminence; and D'Artagnan knew that while his Eminence was terrible to his enemies, he was strongly attached to his friends.
Strongly attached to the same beam was what appeared to be an end of a rope of braided horsehair, which had been cut by the bullet in its passage to the knot.
Despite that pernicious assumption of lassitude and indifference, which had become his second nature, he was strongly attached to his friend.
As they approached this, I saw, by the aspect of Jane Wilson, that she was directing her companion's attention to us; and, as well by her cold, sarcastic smile as by the few isolated words of her discourse that reached me, I knew full well that she was impressing him with the idea, that we were strongly attached to each other.
Always admiring Fanny's beauty, and grace, and readiness, and not now asking herself how much of her disposition to be strongly attached to Fanny was due to her own heart, and how much to Fanny's, she gave her all the sisterly fondness her great heart contained.
So, trust me, it is a favorable sign if a man is strongly attached to his dog or his horse!
Romanian ambassador in his speech about Romania's efforts in the EU Council said that Romania was strongly attached to European values and had acted to strengthen the European project, for a Union of the citizens.
The Iranians are right to think that Europe is strongly attached to the JCPOA.
Since having her son Saint in 2015, it is now too dangerous for Kim to have children after she suffered from placenta accreta, which meant her placenta was too strongly attached to the womb.
Michael Gove's plans to dismantle Holyrood may yet prove his biggest mistake (and that's saying something) because Scots, though undemonstrative and hyper-critical, are also strongly attached to our parliament.