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Luckily there was a small ventilation hole in the strongroom - which is a very large safe.
At 80 minutes, Strongroom is the longest of the three films discussed here, but it is also arguably the most accomplished.
Police investigations, however, found that the strongroom can be opened from the inside, and the cash was hidden under tatami mats in the branch's annex storage room.
An integral part of this security check system shall be a written double-check procedure performed by cleared employees working in the area which ensures and verifies that all classified materials have been properly stored and that all vaults, security containers, strongrooms and closed areas have been secured.
The police then immediately visited the bank's strongroom and discovered that items stored there had been disarranged.
Based in Houston, Strongroom is enagaged in the Home Owner Association vertical and has provided accounts payable software solutions to over 200 small and midsize businesses since 2007.
The 12-inch thick steel doors of the safety deposit strongroom which >houses more than 10,000 silver deposit boxes
The wife - who had been tied up - managed to escape into a strongroom, only to return to find that her husband had been fatally wounded in some kind of scuffle.
But the haul has been rediscovered in a Cardiff solicitors' strongroom, and is now in safe hands at Jonathan David Jewellers in the city centre's Morgan Arcade.
In Newcastle's Clayton Street West raiders struck in an audacious attempt to blow open the strongroom in Martins Bank.
AN INTERNATIONAL hunt is on for a crook who raided the strongroom of a Birmingham hotel and escaped with more than pounds 40,000.
You'd think his Liverpool counterpart, Rick Parry, had donned a mask and raided the Everton strongroom - escaping with a bag full of swag.