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Today, I'm sure no one in their wildest dreams would consider bringing the razor strop back for disciplinary purposes, but once upon a time, my dad's swinging arm and the application of a little heat in the lower end sure helped change a couple of little boys' attitudes.
"We are producing strops capable of holding up to 20 tons and they have to be measured to the millimetre in order to keep the chute absolutely stable.
Chris Martin: The Coldplay singer threw one of his now legendary strops when leaving posh London restaurant Osia with Gwyneth Paltrow in April 2003.
Strop added another solo home run in the fourth to give Tri-City a 4-0 lead.
"Sunday I was playing catch and my neck was feeling weird," Strop told reporters in St.
Overnight she mastered the art of the diva strop. And, in true gender-specific style, each and every one of her hissy fits is down to something she does or doesn't want to wear, or something she does or doesn't want to do with her hair.
EMOTIONAL Cher arrives at secret gig where she had strop
Ben Gamel hit a 2-run bases-loaded single off Pedro Strop in the bottom of the eighth to rally Milwaukee from a 2-1 deficit.
The 17-year-old rapper threw a diva strop over attending the Narnia premiere in Leicester Square on Tuesday and pulled out at the eleventh hour.
Liam threw a strop when he was showered with beer during Oasis' iTunes show at The Roundhouse in Camden.
NO PHOTOS: SuBo strop But as she headed to the TV studios yesterday, SuBo, 48, of Blackburn, West Lothian, said: "I have been trying to make it as a singer for years.