structural composition

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Hoff, the structural composition of the Office of the Ombudsman has been completed.
The new ordinance provides assurance to building occupants and fire safety professionals who adjust their firefighting strategy based on a property's structural composition.
It will visualise the electrical conductivity of the different states of the solidifying steel and therefore provide an image of the structural composition of the steel as it cools.
The petition said that on December 31, 2014, President of India has given his assent to two bills including, the NJAC Bill, 2014 and the constitution ( 121 Amendment) Bill, 2014 and the aforesaid two Acts have caused excessive dominance of the executive in the matter of appointment of judges to the superior judiciary as well as in the formation of its structural composition discarding the opinion of Chief Justice of India.
They first discuss the composition and anatomy of the "growth bloc" of the post-Keynesian period, from its macroeconomic regulation and structure to microeconomic movement and relations, to aid in understanding the structural composition of the economy before the crisis and the patterns of growth and economic regulations beyond it.
This static virtual inventory will allow customers to make thoughtful purchases, based on detailed information provided on each piece, including materials used, structural composition, reliable ship-to dates, and price comparisons.
Any slight structural composition issue can place members of the military in danger.
He begins with materials, considering such aspects as structural composition and manufacture, mechanical properties, criteria for the patterning, reusable surface joints, methods of transferring force at the edge, the geometry of the edging and effect on bearing behavior, and corner details.
Borisov explained that a government decree of 23 December 2009 changed the structural composition of the Council board and that the first meeting of the Council was held on 29 January in which 28 applications for licenses to import, export and transfer arms were looked at.
This treatment, says Hasan, depends on the type of structure and structural composition.
Users can now perform a complete elemental (chemical) analysis and determine the mineral or structural composition on the same sample under vacuum with a single X-ray instrument.
However, the current research on ultrafine particles may not be applicable to manufactured nanoparticles became the ultrafine materials studied are neither a consistent size nor pure in chemical or structural composition.

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