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Third, it is vital to see different aspects of social structure as particularly salient at different times--there is no set repertoire of classes, and indeed structuring, rather than structure, best conveys the unfolding of systems of inequality over time.
A leitmotif in the book is an assertion of the ancient rhetorician Demetrius comparing the members in a periodic style to the stones "supporting and holding together a vaulted dome." Unfortunately, this passage does not seem to be known to the Renaissance authors under discussion, but Eriksen proceeds in his introduction to emphasize Augustine's use of periodic constructions in certainly influential writings and, more importantly, his ascription of religious significance to such structuring, as symbolic of -- and instantiating -- cosmic order.
This article examines the structuring of two of the most common types of outsourcing transactions--(1) a former employee who is retained as an independent contractor, and (2) an employee leasing firm that is engaged to become the "employer" of a group of individuals who will staff a non-core department of a business.

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