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ordering (arranging, visualizing) of a thing-situation-process into interrelated and interactive components--with an awareness that our structuring-process exists as only one of indefinitely many other possible structurings, and that our structurings are not, and cannot be the same as (identical with) whatever object of our 'attention' we are structuring.
We can look for degrees of mapping accuracy when applying our structurings to specific problems.
structuring as presented here involves the assumption that all thing-processes 'existing' in different space-time frames are unique.
In structuring mode, we are aware that words, theories, opinions, explanations, mathematical formulae, news, gestures, and other forms of representation, are not the thing-processes-territories that they represent.
I put emphasis on structuring, non-identity, non-allness, consciousness of abstracting, and other terms, not as words to be discussed, but as activities to practice.
Mindful structuring can improve our mapping because when structuring, we create 'maps' with awareness of so doing.
There are physical, neurological, epistemological, time-related, and other limits to the extent and accuracy of our structuring.
CRESA Partners Capital Markets services include the evaluation and implementation of a wide array of financial alternatives for corporate real estate holdings, including sale leasebacks, synthetic leases, structured financings, traditional mortgages, asset monetizations, as well as other creative financial structurings.
Cathy Sweeney, with nearly 10 years at The Staubach Company, oversaw the financial side of the company as Chief Financial Officer and helped manage the structuring of several hundred million dollars of client financings each year.
Valuation, and "thinking the unthinkable" in terms of events and actions that would bring about risks and uncertainties that need to be addressed in the context of deal structuring.
Kazantzis assumes responsibility for corporate development activities, with particular emphasis on marketing, corporate structuring, financing and business development.
Kazantzis joins Envirokare with over 25 years of executive management and consulting experience in marketing, corporate structuring, finance, mergers and acquisitions.