struggle against

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And yet sometimes one gets a hint of what the last scene may be like in the life of a ship and her crew, which resembles a drama in its struggle against a great force bearing it up, formless, ungraspable, chaotic and mysterious, as fate.
Mine to vindicate through all risks and all sacrifices--through the hopeless struggle against Rank and Power, through the long fight with armed deceit and fortified Success, through the waste of my reputation, through the loss of my friends, through the hazard of my life.
Even after he was enabled to get under way, he had still to struggle against contrary winds and tempestuous weather.
These would have been all my friends," was her thought; and she had to struggle against a great tendency to lowness.
And then Roscoe Sherriff came down, and Dudley Pickering, who for days had been using all his resolution to struggle against the siren, suddenly found that there was no siren to struggle against.
Strickland not to pursue it, I could not struggle against his indifference.
It was as though it were my most normal condition, and not in the least disease or depravity, so that at last all desire in me to struggle against this depravity passed.
For the life of man in those far-off days was wild and rough; it was one long struggle against foes, a struggle which left little room for what was beautiful or tender.
First, Genius; thou gift of Heaven; without whose aid in vain we struggle against the stream of nature.
a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny.
Stranger than I can express, certainly, was the effort to struggle against my new lights; it would doubtless have been, however, a greater tension still had it not been so frequently successful.
In vain -- were I an ambitious man -- should I struggle against such remembrances as he has left; but that I am not ambitious I am going to prove to you.