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They believe if it's not an inherent part of your mental make up, you're just going to have to struggle along without it.
But the military, like other institutions, has continued to struggle along the way with racism, sexism, sexual assaults and homophobia.
Brummies still struggle along with a combination of bin liners and cumbersome recycling boxes left open to the elements.
In the absence of any media furore, fuss, or further investigations her department would, doubtless, have continued to struggle along in a mire of incompetence.
McCarthy details the couple's struggle along with the science that put Ted back on the tractor, if only for a brief time.
As it is, were he to have stayed with Sheffield, he might have had to struggle along on a pay rise of just fifty grand a year, taking his measly earnings to only pounds 900,000 over two years.
The manager added: "We don't want to just struggle along.
My mum gave up her job and found a part-time one so she could help me care for the twins, I could manage on my own but she insisted on not letting me struggle along.
Written by seven women, this interdisciplinary text describes their collective journey of the personal and political struggle along with other women toward solidarity, reciprocity and friendship as they sought to reveal what was happening to poor women targeted by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
We enjoy none of these benefits and many of us have to struggle along on pitiful wages.
They can struggle along the M6, hoping for the best, or they can pay to use the M6 Toll where they are virtually guaranteed a trouble-free journey.