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The percentage of Americans who say they lacked enough money to afford food over the previous 12 months has returned to prerecession levels, an encouraging sign that those who previously struggled to meet their basic needs may be feeling the positive effects of the recovery.
The Jewish obshchina went through contortions to obtain approval for even its most basic charitable activities and struggled to recover assets and properties expropriated by Soviet authorities.
Not until she's struggled free of her body's snare as from a farthingale, not until she's gone through the hoops of we're and bone and peeled that great prepuce
She struggled to persuade these feuding people that violence was not the only way to resolve conflict.
President Clinton and his White House minions struggled with little success to come up with a satisfactory explanation, as did most of their Congressional cohorts.
12) Implications for Palestinians in general, and women in particular, concern the independence of action that they have long struggled for and grown used to in these areas.
The Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera will be appreciated by anyone who has struggled to reach freedom in a free land--the Cuban, the Haitian, the East German before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
New England, the preseason championship favorite, had scored just three goals in its first four games, but it might have had a half-dozen against the Galaxy, which struggled with an experimental lineup.
Wells, who struggled at the turn-of-the-twentieth century, fall into the textual void between Harding's There Is a River, a history, and Perkins's Autobiography as Activism, a literary study.
Throughout the film, Davis reminds us of the universality of our struggles, how every culture has struggled to "make sense of it all.
Between 1870 and 1900 player-workers struggled against an emerging cadre of non-playing managers, owners, league officials, and administrators, who insisted on the separation of management from play, and introduced contractual relationships to sustain their position.
Tim Salmon gave us a little burst early, he's struggled recently.