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Furthermore, while food prices increased more in the first six months of 2014 than they did for all of 2013, this does not appear to be resulting in more Americans struggling to afford food.
critical perspective on religious frameworks will induce struggling.
The overall effect of variables on comprehension In order to compare the students' performance between strong and struggling readers (by READING LEVEL) and between NE and L2 readers (by NATIVE), results from the students' performance on the assessments described above were converted into z-scores (standardized) and we compared the means for each group.
In others, struggling students attend one of the 60 percent of schools that aren't Title 1.
Equally as important, however, the film renders Arab identity, materialized in Lamia's own personality, as an expression of the vibrant performative process of struggling against all forms of repression.
Gabrielle, her girlfriend Mary Joseph (Ann Marie MacDonald), and Polly are all artists of varying abilities struggling to create by whatever means possible.
If the Zapatistas triumph, there may be repercussions across the world when other struggling groups hear of their success and work for their own freedom.
The result is a graphic portrayal of how ordinary people - women struggling to assert their sexual desires or their right to be free from male sexual aggression, men tom between the pulls of "dissolute" and "respectable" ideals of manhood, and couples seeking to negotiate their sometimes violently opposed ideals of money and marriage - were subject to the often misguided intervention of psychiatrists and social workers.
His critique of notions of authenticity resonates for all marginal groups who are struggling to reclaim the space of our history and resistance, and who, in the process, overvalorize our cultures of origin in ways that produce serious critical blind spots.
Part memoir, part social history, Signorile's book is must-reading for members of the chattering classes who are struggling to come to grips with the gay and lesbian struggle for equality.
Fast ForWord to Literacy Intervention Will Help Struggling Learners in the Secondary Education Market