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Strung along in negotiations of every manner -- the EU3, the P5+1, then the final, very final, last-chance 2012 negotiations held in Istanbul, Baghdad and Moscow at which the Iranians refused to even consider the nuclear issue, declaring the dossier closed.
Everybody is worried enough about this Budget and we don't need to be strung along by careerhungry politicians wanting to score points.
Despite huge advances in technology in recent years, the fact remains that much of the internet system so critical the world today is reliant on a series of bulky cables strung along the bottom of the world's oceans and seas.
He said: "My constituents have been strung along for months by the health board regarding the future of the Day Unit at Ruthin Hospital so news that a promise to reopen the facility is to be broken is very disappointing.
The feathery trim and pearls strung along the cuffs really glam up this black pair of washing up gloves.
Being very polite, Richard could be strung along for quite a few minutes before I let him know it was his mad friend doing a silly voice.
It can no longer be strung along by sentiment or maintained purely to fend off republicanism.
Darrell Lainhart, the Sherwood man who strung along investors in his Clean Technology International Corp.
Flags can be strung along the tensile cables supporting the walkway, which will also be animated by pedestrians in their bright clothing.
like snowflakes from a ream of cloth, or paper houses strung along a
A Holly Corporation spokesman told P&GJ that although no construction contract had been issued for the pipeline, the pipe for the project has arrived and is strung along the staging route of the line.
One year they had colorful lollipops strung along the driveway," Goodin said.