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They strung together the whitish bulbs, each about the size of a little finger, and placed them in a roasting pit.
The Energetech system can be deployed as a single device, or strung together in a series, similar in concept to wind energy's "wind farms.
The obituary was all but written, strung together line by line, game by game, with a morbid glee.
Each proten consists of 361 amino acids strung together and folded so that one 60-amino-acid arm reaches out.
Riverstone has strung together an impressive series of wins in the Korean market -- Korea Telecom, DACOM, and now PowerComm," said Dave Dunphy, senior analyst at Current Analysis.
In the second inning, they strung together three singles by the bottom of the batting order and cashed in Benji Gil with Eckstein's sacrifice fly.
On the other hand, many of the grooves resemble rows of little, tightly spaced craters or pits strung together like beads on a necklace.
Answering the Nelson punt return, the Kingsmen strung together an 11-play drive that resulted in Alex Espinoza's third of four field goals to restore some cushion at 37-28.
Polyethylene is simply a large number of these alkanes strung together.
That's the way it's been the whole year,'' outfielder Reggie Sanders said of the Giants' we're-more-than-Barry attitude, which lifted them again in the pennant-clincher when David Bell, Shawon Dunston and Kenny Lofton strung together two-out singles in the bottom of the ninth.