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Stacey said: "All of them had got gun wounds and they had been strung together, put inside a black bag and then thrown in a bush.
It's actually a bit more accurate, at least from the yoga tradition, to spell the mantra "Aum" because it is composed of three different sounds, strung together into one mantra.
GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany -- As kickoff drew nearer -- day by day, then hour by hour -- varied strands of information, of theory, ultimately of hope, had been strung together into, let's say, rope meant to pull the United States through it's difficult opener and toward one of 16 coveted slots in the World Cup's knockout phase.
Starlings trained in a lab have learned to distinguish between sounds strung together like a laundry list and those with nested, or recursive, elements, according to Timothy Q.
As artistic director, Jamison has shown an affinity for pop/standard songs strung together to create a multi-act "soundtrack" (which sets up a dramatic and structural framework) and for adrenalized, competitive feats of athleticism--but sometimes at the loss of nuance.
If all these cups were strung together in a straight line, Dunkin' Donuts could create two rings around planet Earth.
Strung together like celluloid jewels, the two or three films in each of the six "Garlands" in Wilcox's eponymous exhibition share a loose thematic link (Garland #6 also contains footage of flocks of swallows and a tale concerning the origin of angora cats).
Hecht spans the globe, bringing in a cast of characters, some well known and some obscure, all strung together by the common thread of doubt.
Eventually, the exposed spiders strung together jumbled silk strings that didn't even resemble a web--and definitely couldn't nab an insect for food.
Three to four presses are strung together with the coinciding number of pulls to achieve a balanced workout for the anterior and posterior muscular chains of the torso.
Freeedman's effort to compile images of the peasantry in medieval Europe sometimes reads like a catalogue-quotes and authorities are strung together with little imagination.