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Rockwell Automation's Europe, Middle East and Africa OEM team worked closely with the both MetalTech Gulf and Lefebvre Engineering in designing, developing and implementing a control system architecture that enables the new machine to perform in a way that it can solve the challenges normally associated with the use of traditional shot blast machines in the stub cleaning process.
FIGURE 4 shows two via stubs in both ends of a through-hole via for layer exchange of strip-lines.
Passenger names on the boarding stubs have to be the same for qualification.
BAHRAIN Air has officially launched a new innovative loyalty rewards programme to all frequent fliers on its route network by introducing a straight forwarded transparent rewards programme where frequent flyers simply submit boarding card stubs in return for complimentary tickets.
They figure the faster the stub bases eject, the faster they can reload and fire again.
Wedding Stub is unique in that it caters exclusively to the wedding industry.
We urge the Department to provide a 10-year transition period for the Stub Period Accrual.
The bidding was fuelled by Blues supporters who did not realise the Surrey-based seller was advertising only the stub from his Wembley ticket.
As part of its companywide sustainability effort, giant retailer Walmart is trying to move all of its employees to electronic pay, eliminating the paper that's involved in paying with checks and providing paper pay stubs.
The Bankruptcy Courts have held in published decisions that the stub rent obligation falls into one of two categories: (i) a post-petition obligation that should be timely paid in full under Section 365(d)(3); or (ii) an expense of the bankruptcy required to be satisfied upon confirmation of a plan of reorganization under Section 503(b)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code.
When we looked at it we thought we had a better idea, which we call a stub station.