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uk QUOTE OF THE DAY 'Every column Sutton writes should start with those three words: arrogant, ignorant and stubborn.
I told you what transpired between us and Taliban and so Saudi Prince Turki, who came especially from Saudi Arabia on that particular issue, and they were very stubborn.
With 30 percent more solvents and 20 percent more surfactants, stubborn stains are lifted off all surfaces, from fabric to concrete.
The visitors offered stubborn resistance as former Burton player Guy Branston marshalled defensive affairs.
The government's stubborn behaviour will do it no good.
But while their stubborn approach may leave Pardew facing an anxious wait - his players are already back in training with only Romain Amalfitano and Gael Bigirimana added to the squad - he can at least comfort himself with the knowledge that they will be equally firm on their valuations of men he would dearly like to retain.
The Ministry said in a statement issued Friday that the Russian Stroytransgaz Company in Homs came under gun fires by terrorists on Wednesday night, and this underlines that the stubborn Syrian opposition goes on the way of using terrorist means against civilians, organizations, including the foreign companies that work to guarantee a normal life in the country.
Maybe people feel I am stubborn, but I am not, I just want to do the best for the team and buy the right players," the Gunners boss said.
The RBI has already said it is ready to sacrifice some growth to tame stubborn inflationary.
Clinique Take The Day Offpounds 14 This really does tackle the most stubborn of long-lasters.
The poetry oeuvre of Dennis Vincent Brutus (1924-2009) Yet somewhere lingers the stubborn hope thus to endure can be a kind of fight, preserve some value, assert some faith and even have a kind of worth.
Summary: Maicon produced an astonishing goal out of the blue to set Brazil on their way to a 2-1 win over a stubborn North Korea.