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On another occasion, after a black-currant bush she'd planted turned out to be stubbornly ungenerous, she sent me a tiny jar of preserves made from the tablespoon of berries it gave.
All have bald, bulblike heads, and eyes that stare fixedly, stubbornly, to the left or right.
Sometimes a fact maybe somewhere in your memory but remains stubbornly just out of reach.
And the "lusciously rich and creamy chocolate layer" may become part of that stubbornly thick and hard-to-lose layer around your midsection.
Despite the waves of ethnic immigration since then, our cultural roots stubbornly remain in New England Puritanism, with its business-oriented practicality, sexual prudery, and suspicion of art and beauty.
Nevertheless, Golgi defended it stubbornly in his acceptance speech.
She stubbornly refuses to accept him in her life, but nothing seems to be easy for her from the moment she meets him.
INTERESTING that Tory leader Michael Howard stubbornly refuses to sack idiot MP Ed Matts, who admitted he'd doctored a photo of himself and Ann Widdecombe in order to boost his election chances.
OBJECTIVE Students learn about teen drug use trends and the dangers of drugs whose use is rising among teens or remaining stubbornly high.
This may not sound particularly revolutionary, but calculating weld fatigue life has remained one of the few areas that has stubbornly resisted yielding to a simulated solution.
But in most of the corporate world we stubbornly cling to measures of performance that totally fail to recognize differences in the risks taken to achieve them.
Most Latin American countries have stubbornly stuck with just three big markets, the United States, Japan and the European Union, which are becoming stricter and more protectionist and take 70% to 80% of our exports.