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To a certain extent she had found his clay plastic, then it had developed stubbornness, declining to be shaped in the image of her father or of Mr.
It is the tradition that he died of starvation in solitary confinement, and this harsh treatment is explained as having been caused by his uncompromising stubbornness and his fiery and tactless hatred for all men that served the despotism.
If he will not come, we will dig him out of his hole, like a fox, and conquer his stubbornness.
I know all about it, for I was a rich man once, and did much wrong in the stubbornness of my pride, and in the confidence that my father and my brothers would support me; therefore let a man fear God in all things always, and take the good that heaven may see fit to send him without vain glory.
Well, ‘Duke is a liberal-hearted fellow, with all his stubbornness.
By sheer stubbornness he had at last established it.
In vain I expressed my sorrow; in vain I lingered for some symptom of contrition; she really 'didn't care,' and I left her alone, and in darkness, wondering most of all at this last proof of insensate stubbornness.
We gave them the middle finger, since the then government thought with this kind of stubbornness we will improve our national and state prospective, writes Ordanoski.
We wanted him to go out on loan in the hope he is going to play first-team football every week and I think we had a much better opportunity to do that but his stubbornness means he got his own way in the end.
I appeal to Zaev that the words "common society for all" have no meaning here in Gostivar, because of the political stubbornness of SDSM and BDI, who have left the municipality without a budget and without a future", said Sela.
He said the Hurriyat leadership believed in resolving Kashmir issue through meaningful dialogue but India's stubbornness was a main impediment in this way.
According to a joint study by researchers from University of Rome La Sapienza in Italy and University of California San Diego School, those who possess qualities of positivity and stubbornness and who have a conscientious work ethic lived far longer than their counterparts.