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It was of interviews women who had I always chuckle to myself when I think how much power those stubby pencils and the people who choose to use them wield
This could also be the reason as to why insects and hummingbirds have very similar stubby wings and chord length, Lentink said, adding that the study, published in Britain' s Journal of the Royal Society Interface, can help aerodynamic research.
As Gillian Kane notes in a recent article in the on-line magazine Slate, Stubby served as a morale booster for the nation after that horrible war.
And while America, at first, did not use dogs, except to utilise a few hundred from the Allies for specific missions, it's the story of Sgt Stubby that was to pave the way for things change.
Bilateral short stubby hands with normal length of upper limbs.
But his stubby snout, beady eyes, crooked white whiskers, flapping ears and near-hairless body have now earned international acclaim for the eight-year-old Chinese Crested canine.
and Hooded Mergansers' stubby wings may flick across areas of
If you need to drill holes between joists or studs but don't own a rightangle drill, these stubby boring bits are just the ticket.
He is described as white, about 30, of large build with a stubby beard.
But who Lord Sugar points a stubby finger at and says, "You're hired
com 2BE CALM Don't worry, the "nails" are actually small and stubby protrusions rather than pointy things.
The terrier Stubby aided American soldiers in France during World War I by discovering a German spy.