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This new eco-friendly technology offers many benefits including: reduced cost of ownership; increased machine availability for production due to lower maintenance requirements; improved productivity because cleaning cycle times are reduced; increased quality of cleaned stubs on anode rods resulting in increased energy savings in the reduction cells; a safer working environment and a faster return on investment.
FIGURE 4 shows two via stubs in both ends of a through-hole via for layer exchange of strip-lines.
07 boarding pass stubs will earn a one way ticket and 11 boarding pass stubs will earn a return ticket to any Safi Airways destination.
Safi Airways has come up with a straight forward transparent rewards programme where the passenger can cash in his/her original boarding card stubs for tickets.
BAHRAIN Air has officially launched a new innovative loyalty rewards programme to all frequent fliers on its route network by introducing a straight forwarded transparent rewards programme where frequent flyers simply submit boarding card stubs in return for complimentary tickets.
Frequent flyers simply have to submit boarding card stubs in return for complimentary tickets thanks to a straight-forward Loyalty Rewards Programme.
1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- LIONSGATE (NYSE: LGF), a leading global entertainment company, and AMC Theatres (AMC), a leading theatrical exhibition and entertainment company, are thrilled to jointly announce the unprecedented success of the AMC Stubs rewards program screenings of the inspirational sports drama WARRIOR.
MONDAY On sale to season-card holders who are also either Blue and White Foundation members, Patrons or have eight away stubs from games this season.
A boxful of old ticket stubs provides the framework for this account of a father's evolution.
As part of its companywide sustainability effort, giant retailer Walmart is trying to move all of its employees to electronic pay, eliminating the paper that's involved in paying with checks and providing paper pay stubs.
The others may simply have forgotten to return the stub, but the Department of Homeland Security has no way to approach departing visitors and call for the stubs so it doesn't know if the missing stubs represent forgetful visitors or people who decided to stay when their visas expired.
THERE should be FA Cup tickets available tomorrow for those Bluebirds' fans with Hull City stubs.