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A well-formulated question for a LIS topic would likely include a description of who was involved (for example, library users, undergraduates, other libraries or librarians), what was being studied (for example, bibliotherapy for bullying, mother-toddler story programs, online instruction for health literacy), the outcomes in which one is interested (for example, increased use of the collection, higher computer literacy), and what studies or data to collect and combine (for example, surveys done by public libraries in cities of similar size to yours, evaluations of online training versus tutorials to increase use of your catalog, randomized controlled trials of giving books to young mothers at well-baby visits).
Finally, a wide range of social factors have been studied, most notably the impact of perceived social norms and social support as well as race and socioeconomic status.
Older studies performed prior to the introduction of HAART studied the effects of alternating mono- or dual-therapy, but none examined this strategy with HAART.
Rothman, Welch, and Walberg (1969) studied only 35 teachers who were accepted into an elite project developed by the Harvard Physics Project.
How are breast implants studied under the Investigational Device Exemption (IDE)?
A researcher must be able to separate placebo effects from the actual effects of the drug being studied.
Kavatrol relieved this kind of stress within a week and continued to work during the four weeks we studied it in 29 people who were suffering more than an average amount of stress," says Singh, who became familiar with kava in his native Fiji.
These instruments will help pinpoint the location of gamma-ray bursts with a precision that far exceeds the capabilities of NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, which has studied the energetic flashes since 1990.
There is probably no food on earth that has been as widely studied to so little effect as caffeine, the world's most popular drug.
These clinical studies may last several years depending on the disease being studied and the questions being asked.
studied serial breast MR tumor volume measurements using CADstream as predictive of length of recurrence-free survival (LRFS) in patients receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced breast cancer.
Using this scale, researchers studied preservice teachers' sense of efficacy (both TE and PE) in relation to their beliefs in pupil control ideology (i.