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Isenberg says that Burr should be recognized as a thinker on a par with Jefferson and Hamilton, although she offers essentially no reason to believe this beyond his unusually egalitarian attitude toward women's education, his reform career in New York politics, and a rather pedestrian valedictory speech in the Senate (Burr had been studiedly nonpartisan, etc.
Rather, Ascher's studiedly cool account of revolutionary moments of 1905 serves as the prelude to the story that he apparently regards as more interesting, if not more significant--the attempts in 1906 and 1907 to root the new political arrangements granted in the October Manifesto in the volatile and rapidly shifting social and political ground resulting from the upheavals of 1905.
There were, after all, over forty different place names mentioned in Part One of Tamburlaine and over eighty in Part Two, and some of these names were introduced not only once but several times and then given even greater salience in studiedly pointed repetition--'And ride in triumph through Persepolis' is an obvious instance.
They are studiedly non-ideological, and they keep their eyes firmly on the bottom line.
I've listened to the songs but skipped most of the studiedly offbeat humour which I now find cringemaking.
The setting is studiedly rural and egalitarian; fewer gender differences manifest themselves than in other areas of the country, and artifacts of a working life such as "wrenches, screwdrivers, other tools" litter the scene (114).
The action is studiedly clunky, the dialogue (courtesy of the usually sharp Paul Attanasio, who adapted Joseph Kanon's source novel) alternately florid and mind-numbingly expositional, delivered for the most part in an overdramatic studio-era style.
The performance that angered Lee most was referee Fletcher's, although he studiedly refused to mention him by name.
I loved Don Justice from the moment I first read his poems because they, while a bit studiedly miniature, showed me a way of being modern that I didn't know existed.
It lies behind almost every line but concealed, studiedly concealed; some passages left purposely obscure.
She has been described by those who knew her as the stereotypical librarian, "down to the shoes," as Dominique-Rene De Lerma, one of her successors at IU, put it, and "spending a certain amount of her time keeping students quiet, and speaking always in a studiedly soft tone," according to musicologist Bruno Nettl.
This community, of course, had its limits, and though it welcomed scholarly Catholics, Protestants and the occasional Jew and Muslim, it was relatively hostile to t he court and especially to the emergent salon, the locus of the fashionable, the studiedly inerudite, the pleasurable, and the sentimental.