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1 R Z ND PF Theridiidae Anelosimus studiosus 15 MA W D VF Cryptachea hirta 5 C Y ND F Anelosimus ethicus 3 C Y ND F Thymoites 2 R Y ND PF Theridion sp.
An aunting model explains increased sociality with increased latitude in Anelosimus studiosus.
Werner Kubsch believed in lifelong education and made it the cornerstone in his development of Studiosus Reisen.
Hilarius Pyrckmair is adamant about the value for the intellectual (homo studiosus et nobilis) of leaving the coziness of his home, looking "forward to acquire knowledge of great things":
211-12 Skutsch nec quisquam sophiam, sapientia quae perhibetur, | in somnis uidit prius quam sam discere coepit) Ennius extols his achievement as dicti studiosus, which makes him a worthy heir of epic traditions.
Under the heading of "Holiday encounters in the light of CSR", a Studiosus meeting will ask if a code of conduct is necessary and examine the role of tour operators and guests with regard to meeting local residents On 6 March 2013 the Young Professional Day will offer newcomers to the job market and academically qualified young employees in the travel industry ideas for shaping their future.
Among Anelosimus studiosus spiders, which live and spin webs by rivers and under bridges from Maine to Patagonia, females don't develop an opening to their reproductive tract until their final molt.
La soluzione pertanto dovra tener conto della tradizione letteraria di Roma dove, sin da Ennio, filologo e dicti studiosus, il motivo della priorita diviene autocelebrazione dello scrittore, per essere riuscito ad avanzare su un percorso inesplorato nella lingua latina.
Anelosimus studiosus Hentz 1850 is a relatively small (about 8 mm long) theridiid spider which ranges from Argentina to New England (Agnarsson 2006; Agnarsson et al.
Solo cosi si puo salvare e conoscere la multiforme storia e varia scienza degli uomini, che essi possono recuperare e conoscere attraverso la parola scritta, oggetto appunto dell'indagine del filologo: dicti studiosus.
In a second recent triumph Sonesta St George Hotel Luxor was named as one of the best hotels worldwide by Studiosus Reisen receiving the Studiosus 2009 Quality Award for its outstanding level of customer satisfaction the from leading German tour operator which conducts an annual survey in which guests rate their visits at around 2,000 hotels worldwide.
Chrysso cambridgei (Petrunkevitch 1911), Achaearanea tesselata (Keyserling 1884) and Anelosimus studiosus (Hentz 1850)] fed occasionally on dead prey accumulated in their webs for up to one week (pers.