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He acknowledged the compliment paid to him in studiously commonplace terms, and got a little nearer to the open window.
As for her dress, it studiously conceals, instead of proclaiming, that she has been married that morning.
Clouded cotton stockings, and shoes, on one of the latter of which was a plated spur, completed the costume of the lower extremity of this figure, no curve or angle of which was concealed, but, on the other hand, studiously exhibited, through the vanity or simplicity of its owner.
Having thoroughly covered Poland's history, politics, and culture, we at Tablet believe that the best way to approach such complex controversies is solemnly and studiously, taking the time to understand the topic and its intricacies.
Just like any other online class, each module has lectures, exercises and hand-on-activities for learners to studiously create their own storyboard.
A few people in the shop but the employee studiously continued straightening the magazine rack.
Underlining the sense that one is watching an elaborate formal stunt are the studiously flamboyant dialogue and artificial situations in writer-director Dennis Hauck's first feature, a supremely self-conscious genre exercise in which character and emotional depth don't seem to be on the exceedingly meta menu.
When she studiously ignored David Cameron walking next to him for last week's state opening of Parliament, I wanted to shout "Good on you Hattie
The performances are finely judged and the studiously sedate camerawork allows for a controlled tone and gracefully built paranoia in this slow moving drama.
Ever since winning promotion to Super League in 1998 the Wildcats have studiously avoided doing anything that may lead to having to spray champagne over one another.
THE green shoots of recovery; a phrase studiously avoided by politicians and equally as studiously inserted into a probing question by journalists when interviewing those same politicians.
So instead, we studiously ignore her - keep our anoraks handy, book cinema tickets for the weekend and put the heating on.