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As soon as the rifle bore on the victim, Natty drew his trigger, and the partridge fell from its height with a force that buried it in the snow.
It was a desperate chance to take, and I realized it in the instant that I threw the gun up from my hip and pulled the trigger.
With a bound he was upon his feet and at the same instant brought his other gun from his side and levelled it upon the man who had released him; but as his finger tightened upon the trigger Virginia Maxon sprang between them and grasping von Horn's wrist deflected the muzzle of the gun just as the cartridge exploded.
But even as he spoke, I was leveling my rifle upon the great brute below; and as he ceased speaking, I squeezed the trigger.
He knew he must be quick, and felt that he was fainting, so he pulled the trigger of the gun where it lay.
Bertie started to put the muzzle to his own temple with the evident intention of pulling the trigger.
I saw in his eye, that if I flinched, he would draw the trigger.
A touch upon the trigger and all would have been well with Carter Druse.
At such times she cocked both triggers of the gun, prepared to meet him with leaden death if he should burst loose, herself trembling and palpitating and dizzy from the tension and shock.
Our strength, the strength of the proletariat, is in our muscles, in our hands to cast ballots, in our fingers to pull triggers.
I covered his left shoulder and pulled the trigger as he was almost upon me.
He had eyes, not for her, but for the hammer, which had risen under the pressure of her forefinger on the trigger.