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El abbe Eric Besson es sacerdote de la archidiocesis de Lyon y desde hace mas de diez anos director del Studium de derecho canonico de Lyon.
Ros Nortes has been an official at the congregation since 1992, and also teaches at "Studium," the congregation's school of theology and law for consecrated life.
Barthes contrasts the punctum (the photograph that wounds) with the concept Studium. Studium is the kind of blase cultural scene that is familiar but does not cause us to ponder (Barthes 1981).
(2010), 'The financial crisis: what have macroeconomists learnt?', Studium Generale Lecture, Phillips-Universitat Marburg, Die Eskalation der Finanz-zur Wirtschaftskrise, Fritz Knapp Verlag.
His idea of the university reached back to the "Studium generale," or university, which he called "the assemblage of strangers from all parts in one spot." There's an implied diversity and even expected discomfort that comes along with this use of the word "strangers." Students weren't there to passively soak up knowledge, but rather to exercise "the mind's energetic and simultaneous action upon and towards and among these new ideas, which are rushing upon it."
Finalmente nos detendremos en el analisis de tres ensayos-relatos que componen Camara secreta y alli se reuniran todas las nociones como las de hibridez, nostalgia, melancolia, "studium" y "punctum" entre otros terminos que se explican a lo largo de estas paginas y que daran sentido y arrojaran luces sobre la tecnica que maneja Rodriguez Julia en este escrito.
Albertus Magnus, Studium Generale, Ediciones USTA, Revista interdisciplinaria, Facultad de Teologia, III: 3 (ene.-jun.
Likewise, it's an ancient seat of learning, home to the 13th century university originally called Studium Senese.
Em sua opiniao, a cronica russa necessitava de um trabalho em tres frentes, assim denominadas: studium annalium criticum, studium annalium grammaticum e studium annalium historicum (SCHLOZER 1764).
He's a theorist, and he uses two terms to describe the essence and the power of a photograph: a punctum and a studium. A punctum is a thing that you see in the image that pricks you and moves you.
--D'Souza Romero, Studium Theologicum Salesianum (STS), Salesian Pontifical University, Jerusalem Campus
Rounding up the Top 10 were ExplorePH (University of Asia and the Pacific), Tarp Water Lily Originals (UA&P), The Organic Pantry (UA&P), Studium (UA&P), Veggy Spread (Asia Pacific College), Bahay Co.