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Most importantly, this study casts new light on the "horizon of expectations" of early modern theater audiences and on how they and the organizers drew meaning from these "events.
Second, this study casts an insightful light on a black congregation within a predominantly white denomination.
A recent study casts doubt on how seriously retailers are trying to protect themselves from slip/fall liability claims.
The new study casts doubt on a flurry of recent reports indicating that cow's milk increases a child's chances of suffering from diabetes later in life-but only when fed to infants less than 3 months old who have a family history of the disease.
This study casts some much-needed light into a corner of music that has remained very dark for far too long, as Rees's discussion of previous research readily indicates.
The research study casts light on the market's size and growth prospects, examines the key forces driving and hindering its development, as well as discusses a raft of vendors operating in this lucrative marketplace.

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