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noun antetype, archetype, copy, copy in miniature, design, example, exemplar, exemplum, gauge, guide, ideal, image, imitation, miniature, mold, paradigm, paragon, pattern, plan, precedent, prototype, replica, representation, sample, specimen, standard
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See also: absolute, arrangement, build, case, code, copy, criterion, design, epitome, example, exemplar, exemplary, forge, form, guide, ideal, illustration, instance, laudable, make, norm, paradigm, paragon, paramount, pattern, precedent, principle, produce, professional, prototype, representative, rule, sample, specimen, standard, stellar, style, symbol, typical

MODEL. A machine made on a small scale to show the manner in which it is to be worked or employed.
     2. The Act of Congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires an inventor who is desirous to take out a patent for his invention, to furnish a model of his invention, in all cases which admit of representation by model, of a convenient size to exhibit advantageously its several parts.

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OrthoVault's digital study model storage offers a convenient, easy-to-use solution for dentists and orthodontists struggling to manage the storage of traditional plaster study models.
According to the automaker, the design study model indicates a futuristic concept for an ultra compact, aggressively designed coupe.
The main study model was fit among the main study participants to obtain [beta], as well as parameter estimates for the other covariates in the model, and the measurement error model was fit in the validation data to obtain [gamma] and other parameter estimates.
The joint study used an established anti-HSV study model on both crude extracts of the aerial parts and roots of tansy, as well as some purified compounds to analyse the plants anti-viral activity.
At this year's event, Honda Access Corporation(2), the manufacturer of genuine Honda aftermarket parts and accessories, will display a TS-1X test study model based on the CR-Z.
Although the Lemmen study model showed that the effects of BPA did not persist like those of the other estrogens, its biological effects in exposed embryos should continue to be assessed, perhaps with other types of models.
Innovative Study Model Opens Door for Afterschool Community Across the United States to Measure and Improve Program Quality
Holub said: "In addition to the outdoor sources listed in the University of Arizona study model, we've observed that indoor sources also contribute significantly to metal content of indoor dust.
Auto Business News-23 July 2008-Honda unveils Open Study Model at London Motor Show(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
In our study model, the mice sniffed intruders but did not attack, in contrast with other mouse studies (4,8).
Using the Rutgers study model, over 722 jobs were created as a result of this capital infrastructure program.
Vision serves as a good study model, since it is the simplest of the sensory systems.

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