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When the children are growing up, we tend to buy all kinds of toys, clothes and other stuff that they want, but often stop using after a few weeks.
The importance of getting rid of stuff was underscored recently when a friend moved into a retirement home and his children discovered that he had kept every check stub and canceled check that he had written.
3 : something mentioned or understood but not named <Wipe that stuff off your face.
Asda Great Stuff mini-raisins 6p Strawberry flavoured milk 54p
Hot Stuff Foods claims that it registered the 'Hot Stuff Pizza' trade mark 11 years ago and that the item can be purchased from its 14 franchised outlets across the UK, nine of which are in the West Midlands.
It's up in the hills; it's going to be insane if I can ever get some of the skate stuff I've envisioned built on this property.
Don't get into the habit of cramming the bag with gloves, maps, checklists, knee boards, flashlights, books or other TA-50 stuff.
But then, a year ago, some cosmetic industry friends offered me the chance to pursue a dream I've had my whole life--creating a line of really cool bath stuff (I truly love great bath stuff).
The mislaid stuff ranges from "easy-to-pilfer items such as portable computers to the curious disappearance of two 500-pound, ice-making machines.