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Their menu will consist of stuffed beef and turkey burgers, their special “air” fries, homemade potato and pasta salads, as well as their homemade pickles and hand crafted shakes.
Thousands of stuffed plush bears arranged in a shape of a tree hang from the ceiling of a shopping mall in Beirut
The decline in the export volume of stuffed toys was suffered mostly by producers of lower-middle quality dolls, many of which discontinued production due to the fact that the US dollar had appreciated fourfold against the rupiah by the end of 1997.
If half a Mediterranean Stuffed Focaccia is light, so is a cup of ice cream or a slice of Pizza Hut Big New Yorker pepperoni pizza.
That Mike Kelley has "done" stuffed animals before rendered this installation only slightly less compelling.
But stuffed pita bread conjures up images of healthy food.