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And it was he who recruited Mr Blair - to the everlasting emnity of Gordon Brown - to lead the party away from it's old ways of class division and economic stultification.
The use of architecture to symbolize enclosure or stultification in this passage is similar to its use in the section on the Brontes' residence in Brussels.
These young women, who have grown up while Krebs was in Europe, are on the verge of open rebellion against the society into which they have been born; they are a significant part of the work force, eager to escape the stultification of small town life, and openly questioning the imprisoning sex and gender roles to which Krebs's mother still clings.
I who had learned nothing of love, not even parent's love - that fond dear constant violation of privacy, that stultification of the burgeoning and incorrigible I which is the meed and due of all mammalian meat, became not mistress, not beloved, but more than even love; I became all polymath love's androgynous advocate.
he is also perhaps the only creativity consultant in the US who is working to subvert corporate stultification from the inside.
This era of stultification has provided every excuse a government could need to reform the economy and invest in infrastructure.
Another irony is that Brunei, which was the first of the Borneo territories to experience a political awakening from the mid-1940s in the form of the Barisan Pemuda Brunei and the PRB, has subsequently experienced an extended period of political stultification.
After all, Gao's award was an overdue recognition of a national literature that had long since cast off most of the Mao era's intellectual stultification.
In the Garment Center, there is a fresh vitality in a sector that had basked in the stuffy stultification of one industry -- forever.
It's for the likes of the latter that literary prize contests are organized: fraudulent novelists write novels with a thesis--proletarian novels, inspirational novels, redemptive novels, sex novels--and the host of nonsense books that are invented for the stultification of man, who was once called, in happier times, the measure of all things.
While the thirty thousand people who make up its working membership are set within the co-operativist tradition, they claim to have found a way of renewing its vitality, so avoiding the stultification which so often affected cooperative ventures in the years following the Second World War.
This unusual lapse into psychohistory is occasioned by an undoubted psychological trauma which led to Acton's intellectual isolation, "the hardening of his intellectual arteries and the stultification of his emotional empathy" (62).