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TO STULTIFY. To make or declare insane. It is a general rule in the English law, that a man shall not be permitted to stultify himself; that is, he shall not be allowed to plead his insanity to avoid a contract. 2 Bl. Com. 291; Fonb. Eq. b. 1, c. 2, 1; Pow. on Contr. 19.
     2. In the United States, this rule seems to have been exploded, and the party may himself avoid his acts except those of record, and contracts for necessaries and services rendered, by allegation and proof of insanity. 5 Whart. R. 371, 379; 2 Kent, Com. 451; 3 Day, R. 90; 3 Conn. R. 203: 5 Pick. R. 431; 5 John R. 503.; 1 Bland. R. 376. Vide Fonb. Eq b. 1, c. 2, Sec. 1, note 1; 2 Str. R. 1104; 3 Camp. R. 125; 7 Dowl. & Ryl. 614; 3 C. & P. 30; 1 Hagg. C. R. 414.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Given the nine previous winners here all began on pole in stultifyingly boring races, little was expected - and it duly failed to deliver.
As Jul and Nossell rehearse their stultifyingly unfunny act, which is greeted with bemused looks by those assembled, Mrs.
We had precis and stultifyingly dull learn-by-rote grammar lessons.
With regards to Ricky's misplaced optimism about being allowed to play a 'typical Aussie' in a TV soap: are we laughing at his delusion that he could ever play a 'typical Aussie', or recognizing that the processes of commercial TV drama casting are stultifyingly exclusionary?
The judge also criticised "bureaucratic" barristers' training for a "standardisation of thought and an approach to advice which is stultifyingly unhealthy".
The annals of modernism are filled with tenth-rate "experiments" and pretentious, stultifyingly tedious, ostentatiously self-conscious works.
Although some British officials were racist bullies--Bertrand Russell went so far as to call the Empire 'a cesspool for British moral refuse'--most were stultifyingly conventional.
I can think of a word that rhymes with "lighthouse" that's much closer to describing their style of stultifyingly dull music.
Muller interrogates the "willingness" of "many" gay composers who were "supported and fostered by the institutional structures of apartheid South Africa with its stultifyingly narrow and often hypocritical moralistic code" to "serve apartheid society regardless of the denial of their rights freely to live their lives as they chose and the palpable resonance of this repression with the racial intolerance of apartheid society" (38).
Printing, while lucrative, was stultifyingly boring.
(Stultifyingly diligent, in fact.) Halperin and Harris also catalogue how carefully Team Hillary has hewed to rules three and four.
Two views of a stultifyingly salon are indentified as "Interior of Madame D., Woman with a Small Private Income, boulevard du Port Royal." It's the kind of room you know from Cezanne, Bonnard, and Vuillard, even from Braque and Matisse, and the films of Louis Feuillade, with its elaborate wallpaper and mantelpiece loaded with ormolu, a room a little small for its furnishings--a large central table with a heavy cover, a Persian rug, an upright piano, an armoire, sconces, pictures hung too high, and all the rest of it.