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TO STULTIFY. To make or declare insane. It is a general rule in the English law, that a man shall not be permitted to stultify himself; that is, he shall not be allowed to plead his insanity to avoid a contract. 2 Bl. Com. 291; Fonb. Eq. b. 1, c. 2, 1; Pow. on Contr. 19.
     2. In the United States, this rule seems to have been exploded, and the party may himself avoid his acts except those of record, and contracts for necessaries and services rendered, by allegation and proof of insanity. 5 Whart. R. 371, 379; 2 Kent, Com. 451; 3 Day, R. 90; 3 Conn. R. 203: 5 Pick. R. 431; 5 John R. 503.; 1 Bland. R. 376. Vide Fonb. Eq b. 1, c. 2, Sec. 1, note 1; 2 Str. R. 1104; 3 Camp. R. 125; 7 Dowl. & Ryl. 614; 3 C. & P. 30; 1 Hagg. C. R. 414.

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Both were characterised by their utter lack of imagination, witless dialogue, stultifyingly unoriginal plotlines, reactionary morality and the fact that they sold by the skipload.
The pin-headed depictions of Hollywood imbeciles come off as particularly callow (not to mention stultifyingly unfunny), with the portrayal of the Washington media not far behind.
The only thing shocking so far about CBS' new reality series ``Big Brother'' is how they almost frittered away the whole franchise with Wednesday's stultifyingly dull debut.
Despite having visited some of the more interesting places in Britain, having experienced the trauma of Battersea Dogs' Home and meeting a few famous people (she had an embarrassing encounter with Prince Andrew's sniffer dog once and she's been patted affectionately by Steven Berkoff) her conversation is stultifyingly superficial.
He quickly gets stultifyingly bored and grouses, ``I kind of resent the manufacturer's implicit assumption that this would amuse me.
Before all hell breaks loose over the MCC's failure to end two centuries of cricket tradition and admit women, it is worth pointing out that not only is cricket stultifyingly dull, many of its followers could be described similarly.
She devours all of his food, adjusts quickly to cars and house pets, and winds up becoming an ad sensation and fashion model in a stultifyingly implausible scenario.
En masse, the paintings seem so incapable of insight in language, concept, craft, and aesthetics that they quickly join the art movement I like to call "consumer corporate expressionism"--non-threatening, innocuous, stultifyingly cheery, watercooler-friendly decor (depending upon one's taste in water).
His cosmos is at once animate and rational, historically unfolding and essentially preprogrammed, musical and mathematical; his writing is by turns polemical, poetic, and stultifyingly dry.
Much of the corresponding commentary and analysis has become so stultifyingly stupid that people rely on late-night comedy shows for some semblance of insight to make sense of it all.
The trouble with the Olympics is that it is stultifyingly corporate, with meetings, planning and committees: everything takes so long.