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If a horse shies, or starts, or stumbles, they are nowhere, and cannot help the horse or themselves till the mischief is done.
Well, it is too bad,--I won't again; but I do like to hear the droll little image stumble over those big words
Sticking his spurs into his horse he made a rush at the mountain, and got up half-way, then he calmly turned his horse's head and came down again without a slip or stumble.
And so saying, he charged with levelled lance against the one who had spoken, with such fury and fierceness that, if luck had not contrived that Rocinante should stumble midway and come down, it would have gone hard with the rash trader.
But I must back to my own bed, lest some sleepy warden stumble upon me, and I be forced to run him through.
We had gone scarcely a mile when I noticed that my thoat was commencing to stumble and stagger in a most pitiful manner, although we had not attempted to force them out of a walk since about noon of the preceding day.
He saw himself obliged to one of two distasteful and perilous alternatives; either to shut the door altogether and set his portmanteau out upon the wayside, a wonder to all beholders; or to leave the door ajar, so that any thievish tramp or holiday schoolboy might stray in and stumble on the grisly secret.
Conseil, more prudent or more steady, did not stumble, and helped me up, saying:
Even were there no other lurking danger--a danger I did not care to let my imagination loose upon--there would still be all the roots to stumble over and the tree-boles to strike against.
Just like parade it had been a minute before-- then stumble, bang, swish
The interior was so unevenly graded that it caused people to stumble.
They come and sit at our feasts just like one of our selves, and if any solitary wayfarer happens to stumble upon some one or other of them, they affect no concealment, for we are as near of kin to the gods as the Cyclopes and the savage giants are.