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Dazed though I was, I stumbled to my feet and staggered back to Woola's assistance, to find his savage antagonist circling ten feet above the ground, beating madly at the clinging calot with all six powerful legs.
If I had stumbled upon the grave of one of the party, was it not within reason to believe that the bones of the others lay scattered somewhere near?
Torville cast her deciding vote to save singer Lemar, who stumbled in his performance, after the panel were split.
45pm on the same day it had been reported to police that a man, later confirmed as being Michael Smith, was on the side of the same road, having stumbled into a fence.
30am yesterday at Kirkheaton, near Belsay, when a man was injured after his horse stumbled following a jump and landed on him.
28, but he also stumbled, this time after the last, which allowed Tony McCoy to claim the spoils on Waxies Dargle, who had been backed at a high of 90 overnight, but went off only 11-1.
A survey of more than 750 blind or visually impaired people found that almost two out of three had tripped or stumbled while walking.
USA MITT ROMNEY has stumbled again in his presidential campaign, being caught on video saying that nearly half of Americans are dependent on government and that his role "is not to worry about those people".
The trouble actress also said that the reason she stumbled as she headed for her car was because of the paparazzi scurrying around her for photos.
The pleasure of reading Things On Which I've Stumbled is derived largely from the frankness of the poet's struggle for meaning made visible in almost every line of his poems.
We have stumbled into becoming blind consumers while constantly searching for ways to sell our own products, in order to accumulate enough wealth to purchase other people's products.
2 : to walk unsteadily <She stumbled around in the dark.