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Around 16% of men said they would just ignore child porn if they stumbled across it, the survey said.
Next to the BMW lay the body of Sylvain Mollier, 45, a French cyclist who apparently stumbled across the attack.
A friend of the workers, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "The two Polish lads were just going about their work as usual and stumbled across the cash.
A passer-by stumbled across the man while walking near Finchale Priory, on the outskirts of Durham City, on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.
OCEAN Colour Scene's Steve Cradock and Simon Fowler looked like two boozy lads who'd stumbled across an open mic night at this charity gig in aid of Nordoff-Robbins.
TALKING of U2, has Murphy stumbled across the name of their next album?
Q I WAS fixing my boss's computer and stumbled across a document showing everybody's salaries.
California cops did when they stumbled across them during a recent mid on a drugs factory in Oakland.
Read Rufman's account of how he stumbled across the bridge and see a photo of it on page 10.
POLICE made two arrests after a milkman stumbled across a burglary and dialled 999 during his early-morning round in Bulkington.
In the past week alone, I've stumbled across three.
Stumbled across a tartar in Harrycone Lewis at Huntingdon on Boxing Day but will be fancied to return to winning ways in this more straightforward assignment.