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If I had stumbled upon the grave of one of the party, was it not within reason to believe that the bones of the others lay scattered somewhere near?
Repeated experiments with it determined me that in searching for a high explosive, Perry had stumbled upon a fire-extinguisher that would have made his fortune for him back in our own world.
Toward noon we stumbled upon a well-constructed road running in the general direction we had been pursuing.
Instead, I am going to share with you a learning of sorts that I stumbled upon whilst filling in the past qualification section of my application.
The once homeless Yost reportedly stumbled upon the bag of money when he was washing his feet in the Colorado River in January, Yahoo News (http://news.
The mummy is still sitting pretty at the place where it was stumbled upon 33 years ago.
Explorers in Central California's Sequoia National Park have stumbled upon a crystal-filled cave that lay hidden from view for more than one million years.
That what qualifies for wildness today is a paltry facade of the awesome Pleistocene bestiary we stumbled upon only 13,000 years ago.
GRANADA Soccer Night stumbled upon a sure-fire way to make highlights of Port Vale v Huddersfield seem exciting this week.
Ironically, McCourt and his work crew didn't plan on restoring the seat colors to their 1962 palette until someone stumbled upon some seats saved from the last major renovation more than 30 years ago.
That changed when a surprised team of archaeologists from the University of Memphis (Tennessee) stumbled upon an intact (untouched) tomb just 16 feet away from Tut's.
An independent exploration contractor, Richard Daigle, was doing work on recently developed logging road in Levack Township when he stumbled upon the discovery.