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Top rated websites within selected areas of interest are randomly shown to stumblers (people who click on the "stumble" button).
She can simultaneously observe the natural fact that the bees now are all female, while also humorously making them critical of the males: "They have got rid of the men, // The blunt, clumsy stumblers, the boors.
Two overpriced stumblers whose hairstyles are the only outstanding thing about them.
While we glowered from the sidelines they tangoed and twirled and sneered at us stumblers.
David Norris's 88th-minute strike inflicted a fourth home defeat in five games on Boothroyd's stumblers and gave Plymouth the belief they can be a part of the promotion equation after a fifth win on the road.
Stumblers and stars in the management of rapid growth.
The stumblers and the stutterers are now staggering into the final furlong of the race for the greatest prize that actually doesn't exist.