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The report tracks the evolution of financial services industry stumbles and outlines perceived industry offenders.
Maya is exploring the forest around her new home when she stumbles across some dead bodies.
15pm Bruce Willis returns as unreconstructed macho cop John McClane on the trail of a computer hacker suspected of sabotaging the FBI network, but the wise-cracking hero soon stumbles on a far bigger crime.
No one stumbles into that job, and the history of American presidential campaigns is littered with the corpses of those who were supposed to be brilliant, but who nonetheless failed because brilliance is not enough," Politico quoted him, as writing in his memoir.
Tracking Friday's stumbles on Wall Street, equities in Japan fell across the board, with the yen's appreciation hitting export-oriented issues in particular.
However, following McClaren's recent stumbles, there are many pundits who look at the way O'Neill has rejuvenated Villa and wonder whether the Irishman would have been a better choice.
SLURMAN: Uma stumbles on her words' BLURMAN: Now she stumbles on her feet' GRRR.
In the process, she stumbles through child-rearing, new love, and the demands of a career she talks her way into.
WHAT The delightfully ditsy Elle stumbles as an aide into the House of Representatives, which totally needs a makeover.
Heston stumbles toward mentioning our ethnic composition, then realizes he'd better stop.