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With ``A Ghost Is Born,'' which extends the blurred sonic landscape and lyrical pipe dreams of '02's much-praised ``Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,'' the group stumbles upon something close to a signature style.
The play concerns an astronomer (David Bishins) and his artist girlfriend (Ellen Lancaster), who gets pregnant just as her beau stumbles upon a discovery rivaling Galileo's, Since the story is set in San Francisco, there are token fags: a drunken gay priest (Jeff McCarthy) and his ex-lover (David Pittu).
While in New York, Buzz stumbles upon a ragtag traveling circus of misfit dogs and takes them back to the North Pole for flight training.
During a stop at a pirate island, Daniel stumbles upon hidden booty, stolen and buried by two renegade pirates lead by the evil Fist.
Tension, or what passes for it here, comes in the form of Harlan Brandt (Craig Bierko), a harried, posturing, cheaply vindictive and, of course, ambitious TV journalist who, under rather improbable circumstance, stumbles upon a skeleton in Nolan's closet.
While running from a crew of local troublemakers headed by the sinister `Blackstone,' Travis stumbles upon the secret underworld where Bunyan has resided in solitude with his Ox since their disappearance.