stumbling block

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"We've got to respect Perry's wishes, his agent's wishes and his agent's boss's wishes, because that's what is now the stumbling block, if you like, or the next port of call.
Demnig's team installs on average 5,000 to 6,000 stumbling blocks a year across Europe, the majority of them in Berlin.
If you enter by April 29, those "stumbling block" fees drop to $1,250 for a four-person team and $1,500 for a five-person team!
In his commentary on the Torah, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch details actions that fall into the category of placing a stumbling block:
Of course there are two stumbling blocks which may get in the way of the 750 million euro project.
Hydrogen production remains a major stumbling block on the road to the hydrogen economy, a much-touted successor to the current oil-based economy.
Rugby Park boss Jim Jefferies has been tracking the 23-year-old since last term but a transfer fee has been a stumbling block.
For some people, for example, the fear of lipodystrophy [including lipoatrophy, the loss of body fat, often in the face] and other side effects is a stumbling block to treatment.
"That's probably a big stumbling block for any new enterprise," admits Johnny, 39.
Sculpture encountered in the space of the everyday is an obstacle, a stumbling block, something (as in the memorable quip attributed variously to Barnett Newman and Ad Reinhardt) you bump into.
While it's a rare state that has the broker/agent distinction already marked on its books--Nevada is one--the one-size-fits-all label of "producer," employed by most states, has served as a stumbling block.
WMBC chairman John Hart told Mr Arbuthnot a lack of investment in transport was proving a major stumbling block to business.