stumbling block

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Those pesky financial stumbling blocks have been a constant thorn in the club's side during the Roman Abramovich era.
The stumbling block for the McBride-Ruiz bout is that his promoter Don King wants options on the Irishman's next six fights should he beat Ruiz.
We might follow the same rule when it comes to state-sponsored gambling, giving up our own freedom to enjoy and profit from this lucrative entertainment lest it become a stumbling block and a millstone to millions of our weak neighbors.
The parable is something thrown to the side, a by-word, the stumbling block alongside you.
Using Sensar's iris camera at the customer's PC will eliminate the need to send PIN numbers over the Internet, the three firms say, removing the key stumbling block that has prevented the use of ATM cards on the Internet until now.
Cross-endorsement was the main stumbling block in merger talks among Wisconsin's alternative parties.
But the player's agent feels salary levels could be a stumbling block.
The cost of providing health benefits also was a stumbling block the last go-round, but this time PETA is proposing health benefits packages that are less costly to the district and offer more choice to members.
For students who find math to be a stumbling block in grasping chemistry and physics, this book offers the important concepts of these fields in clear text and useful diagrams.
Zinzendorf (1700-1760) visited America in 1741-1743 and was part of the movement known as the Great Awakening, Zinzendorf downplayed doctrinal and liturgical differences and even asserted in one sermon that baptism itself has become too much of a stumbling block.
The common position was hammered out at the request of the WTO to help facilitate the talks on agriculture, which have emerged as the biggest stumbling block toward progress on a deal to open up global trade by 2005.